High School Learners
Grade 11 & Grade 12

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High School Learners Grade 11 and Grade 12

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Our learning support for our high school students are preciously packaged keeping in mind their energy, hardwork and determentation to score well for their boards along with year-end activities.

We offer a superior learning experience by tapping into their abilities. The Students of Grade 11 and Grade 12 require attention to detail and hassle free learning. We structure their Syllabus to blend with their School Learning.

  • Online Classes
  • Writing Techniques
  • Material Support
  • Understanding Learning outcomes
  • Usage of key terms and terminologies
  • Unit Tests and Tutorial Worksheets


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"Very good teacher. Explains each concept in details and is very interactive. My daughter finds the Legal Studies class interesting.

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Legal Sprouts Coaching - Best Law Coaching
Legal Sprouts Coaching - Best Law Coaching