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Are you an undergraduate student in Law? The Academic year can be rigorous and the university schedule can be time consuming and efforts to keep up with your lessons can be overwhelming.
We provide support and learning in understanding legal concepts, case laws and principles.

YEAR 1 - We build your understanding by creating a strong foundation in Fundamental Subjects.

YEAR 2 - The Intermediate year have expected outcomes in building your argumentative skill, critical analysis and legal acumen. The core and specialised modules are taught by our faculty.

YEAR 3 - We build your confidence and soothe the pressure of your curriculum. We train to develop your skills in research writing dissertation, and academic modules it care or specialized options developing skill in research writing, dissertation academic, and non-academic skills.

What do we offer?
– Explanation of Concepts in simple and practical method
– One to one teaching to assess individual requirement.
– Examination techniques to manage time and writing essays and problem questions.
– Hourly Classes Available.


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I have learned so much in my classes with Ms. Rajani, She has been very patient and supportive. Although, I was a slow learner, the caulty made sure that I understood the concepts well. It is not just reading thorugh the text or materials. Notes are provided and the concepts are simplified. Ms Rajani knows how to motivate her students. She helped me to gain confidence and improved my conversation, writing and reading skills. As a result, I passed my Law degree with a high score.

/ LL.B.


Ms Anna was my Contract law faculty and she has been my favourite lecturer. I must give her credit for my high score in the module. I have enjoyed her lessons so much that I was thrilled to take her Commerical and Company law classes. I love her teaching methodology proven effective! I highly reccommend these class for law students

Elena Yong, Singapore
/ LL.B.


I am doing my UK LLB modules for the University of London and currently in my year 3. My modules are customised to suit my space and learning patterns. The faculty is very meticulous and modifies the learning approach to individual modules. I am very pleased with the revision strategies and enables me to prepare for exams in a more confident manner scoring much more than my expectation.

Shalini Dhanraj
/ Year 3 UK LLB

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LLB Tutorials UK | Law Entrance Coaching in Uk | LLB Law Classes uk
LLB Tutorials UK | Law Entrance Coaching in Uk | LLB Law Classes uk